IBIZA! Our second home! June 15

“Woah! We’re going to IBIZA!”

We’re going to IBIZA!!! I’m so excited!!!

We’ve been going to Ibiza now for a number of years and try to go every year because we just love this beautiful little island SO MUCH! There’s just something about it, I can’t quite put my finger on it. But it has something very special that brings us back time and time again! Maybe it’s the beautiful Mediterranean weather; maybe it’s the gorgeous beaches; maybe it’s the laidback lifestyle. It certainly ISN’T the clubbing that’s for sure!!!

See, we’ve done the clubbing. And, as much as I love clubbing (and I REALLY do love my clubbing) I think we’re both a bit over it now. Add to that, the last thing we want to do is be around mindless, loud, obnoxious people, paying overpriced drinks and listening to not very good music. I mean, the clubbing scene has changed so much and the music is rather poor these days that I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earned money going to clubs for the sake of it. Add to that, for Simon, he’s over it!

Besides, there is FAR more to this beautiful White Isle than clubbing! Ibiza has 80 different beaches scattered all around the coastline of the island and so much of it is unspoiled. It has a beautiful mountainous region to the north that has stunning views out across the sea. So we love nothing more than to hire a car and go exploring the beautiful corners of this amazing island, soaking up the sun, drinking sangria and eating food the locals like to eat.

However, there is also an amazing food scene that has emerged on the island too, and so there are some fabulous restaurants we like to visit when we’re here too! 🙂

We started off flying out from Gatwick Airport in London with British Airways (there’s a theme here! lol) and got to Ibiza in the evening. We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel we were staying at in a place called Talamanca, which is 10 minutes from the old town of Ibiza and about a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport. We like to stay here because it is peaceful and quiet and away from the west side of the island, where it is noisy with the clubbers.

We checked in and drop off our bags and then went to go find something to eat and a little drink. We walked a minute from our hotel down to the beach of Talamanca and walked along the seafront to a local restaurant, where we enjoyed local Tapas and wine and took in the beautiful scenic view out across the bay of Talamanca and out towards the 15th century fort of Dalt Villa in the old town. It’s one of the reasons why we love staying in Talamanca so much, for the beautiful view! The hotel we stayed at, Hotel Victoria, has the most amazing views out across the bay! 🙂

In the morning when the sun had arisen, the view across the bay is even more amazing! Sometimes, you can see cruise ships setting sail as you’re sitting on the balcony that have been docked at Ibiza Town port and see them go out to sea.


After we had breakfast at the hotel we walked along the beachfront and into Ibiza Marina which was just before Ibiza Town (old town). There we went to the Avis car hire office to pick up our little chariot that was going to take us around the island. Before heading back to the hotel I realised when unpacking that I had forgotten my flip-flops and beach towel (doh!), so we headed to the shops in Ibiza town and I picked up a towel from the Pacha club outlet and I found the best pair of flip-flops…ever. MY MINION FLIP FLOPS!!!! OMG! I LOVE THOSE MINIONS!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We took our little chariot and headed off to find a beach. There we wasted no time in getting a little Voddie and enjoying the first full day of relaxation by the sea (Simon was only on the 1 as he was the designated driver!)


However, after we got back from the beach we were able to ditch the car and have a few more drinks on the balcony and enjoy the view. We got changed for dinner and then sat and had a couple more drinks watching the sun go down on the bay before we went out for dinner in Ibiza Town , a short walk through Ibiza Marina and up into the old Dalt Vila, where the old fort now has a scattering of little shops and lovely restaurants to eat at, which were very popular with locals and tourists alike.


We decided to have dinner at La Dispensa as we were able to sit outside and watch all the people walking by around the Dalt Vila and do some people watching. We were not disappointed by our choice! We had the rack of lamb, which was rather delicious! And whilst you are eating you would have street performers walking past either on a Spanish guitar singing, or you had performers doing Brazilian Capoeira and acrobatics, which added some fun to the ambiance! 🙂


After we finished our meal we stumbled down from the Dalt Vila and got a cab back to the hotel, where we had a little night cap on the balcony and then went to bed.

The following day I had some urgent work that I needed to do, so we hung around the hotel pool and I was able to get my work done, whilst Simon lazed around on a lounge reading the book I bought him. As he was, a cat came to pay him a visit and ended up making friends with him! lol! Wouldn’t leave us alone! Turns out this cat is a resident cat for the hotel and likes to lounge about on the loungers with the other holidaymakers lol! However, I think she could sense that we have cats of our own and gravitated towards us! lol!

Later on we went off to another beach and had a spot of lunch and a sangria 😉


We came back to the hotel and left the car and went down to the beach on Talamanca and went the revamped Harbour Club. The place had had a make over with swish comfy bed loungers and new seating that faced out on the ocean, as well a new table service. It was a major improvement from what it used to be! So we had a couple of glasses of wine and enjoyed them in the afternoon sunshine.

Afterwards we went back to our balcony and cracked open a bottle of vino for a cheeky glass and enjoy the sun going down again before getting ready for dinner.

We headed out for dinner and didn’t have to go very far. We walked down to the beachfront on Talamanca and turned left towards our favourite restaurant, Sa Punta. It has prime position having front line view of the sea and of the Dalt Vila. The food is amazing there and we always have the best time! The staff are always good fun and with the great ambiance and great food, you have a winning combination!

The following day we took our little chariot and went south of the island to a place called Es Cavellet near to the salt flats and to a beach club called El Chiringuito Es Cavallet, where we went for a cocktail and a spot of lunch before hitting the beach again. It was the second to last day, so we didn’t want to do too much that was too taxing on us! 😉 lol

And before we knew it, it was time to head home! 😦 However, there was always next year! 😉

K x

*please note – we are not endorsed, sponsored, paid for, nor provided any services for free by British Airways or any other company mentioned in this blog. We are members of the British Airways Executive Club loyalty scheme and I have been with them for over a decade. All costs for this holiday we paid for by us!*


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