Las Vegas & New York part 1 (New York – coming up in part 2) Aug 14

So this is going back a little bit but this was a big trip for us and a special one, as this was a birthday treat for Simon and it was the first time that we were flying in Business Class with British Airways (BA)!

I had recently applied and received our British Airways Premium American Express card and we had managed to spend enough on it that we got the Companion Voucher that comes with the card when you hit a certain amount of spending. This meant that if I used our BA Avios for a flight (Avios is the air miles currency for BA and One World Alliance)  I could also get a companion to go with me using the same air miles! We were fortunate enough to  have amassed enough air miles to get us into Business Class, so as an extra treat for Simon I booked us flights to Las Vegas and New York!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We were flying on BA’s Boeing 777 and the seating configuration was a 2-4-2 set up, and this meant that we had seats that were next to each other in the middle of the cabin, which was great because if we raised the dividing shutters on either side to us it was like we were in a little cabin of our own! It was fabulous!!!

Simon and I were beaming from cheek to cheek with the fully flat beds, the 4 course dining with Afternoon Tea, and the endless glasses of champagne and wine that was being offered to us! We did indulge ourselves – be rude not to! After all, it was Business Class Dahlings! SUCH FUN!!! Lol! 🙂

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But the fun didn’t end there! In fact, it had only just begun! I had arranged for a limo to pick us up at the airport to whisk us off to our hotel! More champagne was had as we were driven around the Las Vegas Strip before dropping off at our hotel, the Hilton Elara Grand Vacations Resort, as we were both Hilton Honors members and earned Hilton Honor points for the stay.

Las Vegas is extremely hot in August, so we were sweltering in the heat! However, Las Vegas is known for it’s famous casinos and shopping malls, all of which were pumping out high levels of ice cold air conditioning. Also, the Elara had a lovely cold pool to dip in and keep cool in the 40+ degree heat! We enjoyed a few beers by and in the pool to cool off!

Now, we didn’t anticipate how badly this was going to affect us, but we did suffer  VERY badly from the jet lag! So much so that we were falling asleep at 8-9pm at night and waking up at 5am!! (Well, I was waking up at 5am!) It was, after all, an 11 hour flight to Las Vegas and also a 8 hour time delay from London! We arrived at 3pm in the afternoon after setting off at 10.55am!!! Didn’t really work that one out very well! Still, we marched on and made the best of the situation.

The reason I wanted to tag Las Vegas on to the trip was because I wanted to see Celine Dion and we both wanted to see Britney Spears, who were both performing at the same time as we were there. However, Celine Dion cancelled last minute due to the ill health of her husband and so I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t get to see her.  Simon, on the other hand, was delighted that she cancelled! He’s not a fan….! We were so jet lagged that we nearly missed Britney after falling asleep in the afternoon and waking up 10 minutes before she was performing! We managed to catch the show and she was fabulous! She was performing at the Axis Planet Hollywood, which was an amazing concert venue inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel!

Another reason I wanted us to see Las Vegas is to witness first hand how BONKERS this place is! It is just crazy!!! In one place you get to see New York, Paris and Venice, not to mention Caesar’s Palace – just BONKERS! Not to mention half a dozen other world famous places (factual or not), all in the space of a few miles of outback desert! It’s just the most bizarre and surreal place!

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And in the night the place really is an adult’s playground, full of neon and flashing lights dazzling all the way from one end of the Strip to the other, with dancing fountains at the Bellagio and all of the monumental landmarks lit up for all to see! It really needs to be seen to be believed!

We were only in Vegas for 3 nights and sadly much of that was wasted on our jet lag. So, one of my regrets for the trip was that we didn’t have enough time to see one of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, which was a shame. However, we have said that we will come back and this time try and tag it on last rather than first on a trip to the US. Hopefully we’ll have overcome the jet lag by the time we get to Vegas.

Our trip to Vegas was at an end and it was time for us to leave and head onwards towards the bright city lights of the Big Apple, New York! So we hopped on a connecting flight with American Airlines and headed over to the BIG APPLE! 🙂

K x

*please note – we are not endorsed, sponsored, paid for, or provided free in any way shape or form, nor is this a product placement/advertisement by American Airlines, British Airways, American Express or Hilton. I am a member of British Airways Executive Club and Hilton and have been for over a decade and choose to fly and to stay with these companies of my own accord. We also paid for all of the flights and accommodation, in fact everything, ourselves with our hard earned cash! (Well, mostly my hard earned cash as it was a present for Simon! lol!)*



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