Simon’s birthday treat to Rome :) April 15

It’s Simon’s birthday! 🙂

So, for his birthday I decided to take him away on a cheeky weekend to Rome! Simon’s never been before so I thought it would be good to take him there to celebrate 🙂

It was an early start from Gatwick Airport as our flight was at 8.25am. We were flying with British Airways again in their Club Europe cabin, which is their Business Class cabin, and we were served breakfast accompanied by a coffee/tea and a bottle of champagne – never too early for champagne! lol 😉

The flight was lovely and smooth and the view out of the window was amazing as we flew over the snow capped mountains of the Alps. More champagne was served and we had a very enjoyable flight in to Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport.

We headed straight to our hotel to drop our bags before heading straight out into Rome to explore. We stopped off for a spot of lunch and a cheeky beer before moving on to see what marvels Rome had to offer.


In the evening we decided to “let our hair down” and have a few drinks in a few of the gay bars by the famous Colosseum to celebrate Simon’s birthday. It was a fun night and we saw some colourful characters selling all sorts of tack to the locals, which was amusing.

The next day we went to see some sights! We took the Metro to Colosseo and began our sightseeing with a tour of the world famous Roman amphitheatre, the Colosseum. It was a staggering sight and was incredible to walk around this great piece of history and to imagine the Gladiators that would fight in the amphitheatre.

I was struggling to be able to take decent photos of us in the front of the Colosseum and there were loads of street sellers selling all sorts of tack. However, the new craze that the sellers were trying to flog to the tourists were Selfie Sticks! Now, I vowed that I wouldn’t succumb to the craze but after struggling with trying to take pictures I decided to backtrack and get one. I started haggling with the street seller, much to the annoyance of Simon, but ended up with a new Selfie Stick, remote and tripod for less than 10 Euros! Very pleased with that! And I was able to take some decent photos of us in front of the Colosseum 🙂

From there we walked through the Roman Forum and headed towards the Capitoline Hill which looked amazing in the late evening light. We then headed towards the famous Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. However, as we got to the Fountain we realised that all the water had been drained and work was being done to restore it, which was a shame as there is a tradition that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the water, you will be sure to return to Rome. Unfortunately we never got to follow that tradition this time round 😦

We then headed back to the hotel to get some dinner and have an early night, as we were feeling tired from our frolics at the bars the night before 🙂

The next day we decided we were going to visit the Vatican City, but beforehand, we went for a spot of breakfast in a cute little place called Baccano in Piazza Barberini. We then carried on towards the Vatican City where we went to visit St Peter’s Basillica and admire the beautiful, ornately decorated interiors and spectacular dome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards, we found a tourist information office who provided the equivalent of the “New York Pass” but for Rome! So Simon and I got a couple of these and got the tourist bus to get a feel for the city and take in more of the sights. We got off to take in some of the sights on foot and whilst we were at it we picked up some delicious Italian Gelato before heading to Roman church and the historic tombs of the Pantheon.

Our short trip to Rome was drawing to a close and so we headed back to the hotel to pack our things and head back to the airport, where we caught our flight back home to London 🙂

K x

*please note – we are not endorsed by, sponsored, paid for or provided for free any services from British Airways or any other company. I just love to fly them due to having my British Airways Executive Club account I have had for over a decade! All costs were paid for by me!*


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