Fuerteventura – Jan 16

It’s my sister’s birthday and it’s a special year because it’s the big 30!

So, as a special treat I decided to treat her to a little trip away and spoil her for her birthday!

She could only get a few days off from work so I needed to think of somewhere that was going to be fairly quick and easy to get to but, seeing as it was January, somewhere that was going to be warmish too.

The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are usually warm at this time of the year, and so I looked up a deal on British Airways (them again!) and found a deal for 3 nights in Fuerteventura – perfect!

We flew out from Gatwick Airport in London at 11.50am and the flight was going to be about 4 hours and 20 minutes – not too long a flight!

I have a new addition to my travel “stuff” and it’s only one my favourite things! It’s my Minion IPad cover!!! It is the COOLEST little thing – EVER! It was knitted by hand (how cool is that!) by Simon’s mum who made it for me and gave it as a present, and it’s one of the best presents! I LOVE IT! His name is Henry and I “papp” him whenever we travel so Simon’s mum knows that he’s becoming as well travelled as we are! lol! 🙂


HENRY! MY little Minion! *heart*

The flight was smooth and my sister was playing on my IPad to pass the time, as I read the airline magazine. I found the most amazing picture of my most favourite airliner in the entire world: CONCORDE! I have loved that plane my entire life and it has a special place in my heart! Being British, it’s a major sense of pride and passion whenever I see, hear or talk about Concorde. She was just the most beautiful plane ever to be built! Such grace and beauty and elegance, yet such a technological marvel! There are no words to describe what she means to me!

Anyways, I found the most amazing photo of 6 of British Airways Concordes lined up on the tarmac at Heathrow airport in the shape of a fan and it just looked amazing! So I vowed that when we got back to London I would buy that photo, as they have them for sale at the British Airways Heritage Museum 🙂

CONCORDE! *heart*

My sister loves to watch what’s going on outside the window as we were flying as much as I do, and so was taking endless photos of random things as they past by .


We arrived in Fuerteventura and swiftly got a cab to the hotel we were staying at, which was the Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort Hotel. I have Gold Star Elite status with Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), which is the loyalty scheme with Starwood, who are the parent company for the Sheraton brand. When we arrived at the lobby we were greeted by the lovely reception staff who took our luggage up to our room and gave us a welcome drink of Prosecco, and orange juice for my sister (she doesn’t drink).

We were upgraded to a suite on the SPG Floor as part of the gold Star Elite benefits, so I was really pleased for my sister that she was getting to benefit from these perks. The room was nice and spacious and had a lovely balcony so we could see the whole resort, as well as a lovely sea view 🙂

We finished our drinks on the balcony and then went to take a look around the resort, as it was quite a massive looking hotel. Luckily, for the time of year, it seemed as if there weren’t that many people around, so it was fairly quiet 🙂

We went to dinner at the hotel and, what seems to be a regular occurrence on our trips away, we were visited by our favourite furry friends!

We then had an early night, as we were both tired from the flight.

In the morning we both woke and I remember my sister waking and saying that she felt a bit odd. I was unsure what she meant so I asked her what did she mean by that and she said that she was so used to having to do something, like get the kids ready for school or get herself ready for work that she felt odd and that she was a bit confused as to what to do! I told her that these few days are for her to do next to nothing if she chooses to. She can do as little or as much as she likes but the main thing was that she was to relax and take it easy. Clearly it’s been quite some time that she has had some R&R for herself!

So that day we went down to the pool and got one of the cabanas and we just lay about relaxing, listening to music, and generally having a giggle and chilling out. It was nice to see her just taking some time out and having a laugh and joke – it’s been a while! 🙂


The next day we decided to venture out of the resort and go see the beach! The resort was right on the beachfront so it was easy to access straight from the pool area with gates direct on to the beach.

We walked along the seafront and found a few bars and restaurants to the west of the resort. There seemed to be a small marina there and you could go take a boat out to see seals and wildlife, though both of us were not properly dressed for being out at sea in January, so decided against it. There were swarms of fishes that were swimming around the walkway to the marina, which my sister was fascinated by and couldn’t stop taking pictures of. We found a place to have lunch and my sister tried this rather large, non-alcoholic cocktail, which she really enjoyed! I have to say, it did look rather delicious!

We walked back along the beachfront after lunch and came across a couple of random camels resting on the beach! Poor things did look very tired! 😦

The weather was a bit mixed during the trip. It never rained, thankfully, but it was a mix of sunshine and then cloudiness. As the island is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you would find that the clouds passed over quite quickly and frequently due to the head winds, so one minute we’d have a bit of sunshine, the next the clouds would quickly cover over. The temperature was a pleasant 18-20 degrees, which was much warmer than rainy cold London!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and got changed and went down to dinner, which we had at El Faro de Antigua restaurant in the hotel. The hotel had 4 different restaurants and this one had a nautical theme to it. The food was wonderfully presented and very tasty! My sister was most impressed!

Afterwards we went the Piano Lobby Bar, which was 1 of 3 different bars in the hotel, for a quick nightcap before then headed off to bed.


The next day was our final day and I treated my sister to a spa treatment at the HESPÉRIDES THALASSO SPA in the hotel. She had a back massage and said that it was so lovely she fell asleep! lol! She said she hadn’t felt that relaxed in ages – money well spent then!

And just like that, the trip had come to an end!

We caught our flight back to London and my sister said that she’d forgotten what it felt like to just have time to herself to do very little and relax and that she was able to do so and thanked me for it – that to me was priceless and worth every penny spent on this trip! Love my sister! 🙂

K x

*please note – we are not endorsed, sponsored, paid for, or provided for free any services from British Airways, Sheraton and Starwood Preferred Guest. I have been a member of the British Airways Executive Club for over a decade and have Gold Star Elite with Starwood Preferred Guest due to holding a Platinum American Express card. Again, all costs for this trip were paid for by me!*




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