Mykonos Sept 15

The last few months had been tough! I had had enough of my job and decided to jack it in, as I hated being there so much and found it soul-destroying, and decided to jump right in at the deep end and take the risky plunge of working for myself. Simon was working flat out with his job that at times he was working from the moment he woke up, to the moment he went to bed!

So, I decided that enough was enough and we needed to just get away and do nothing for a week. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

But where shall we go….? I looked around and was trying to figure out whether we should go somewhere we’ve been before, or shall we try somewhere new…??? It was only a week, so we didn’t want to go somewhere that would take too long to get to, so that ruled out long haul! So it had to be somewhere either within Europe or just beyond.

Then I came across a deal on the British Airways website and a new route they were flying to: Mykonos. I asked Simon if he fancied it, and he said “yes!”

So we were off to Mykonos! 🙂

If you’re not familiar with where Mykonos is, it’s one of the Greek islands that forms part of the Cyclades archipelago, with other islands like Santorini, Paros and Naxo.

We both had never been there before but we had heard great things about the place, so we were looking forward to seeing what it had to offer. To be fair, we were looking for somewhere to just relax and do very little, and the hotel that came as part of the deal looked amazing and looked perfect for doing just that! So we were very excited to see what it looked like “in the flesh.”

We started our journey from London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and we love flying out from there because it is so big, modern and shiny! Though, being that it is so big it’s a bit of a nightmare to try and get from one end to the other! We were flying with British Airways in Club Europe, so once we checked in and dropped our baggage off, we went straight to the lounge to have a little drink and relax before the flight. However, the lounge was at one end of the terminal and our gate was at the other, so it took for ages to walk across the terminal to get to the plane! Still, once on board we could kick back and relax for the next 3 hours and 40 minutes!

As soon as we got on board we were handed hot towels to give our hands a nice clean and refresh, before being served with our first bottle of champagne.

Followed by our second… 😉

Food was served! We had a nice hot meal served of beef fillet, on a bed of mash and assorted veg, with chocolate mousse and cheese and biscuits to round off. We also had accompanying red or white wine with dinner – tasty!184

The view out of the window I’m always fascinated by! It’s amazing to see the world from 35,000 feet and to watch the world go past! I always love watching when mountain ranges are going past, or little clouds float under us as we’re flying onwards to our destination. Sometimes, you even see other planes that may be flying at lower altitudes than you, which is a little scary to see but at the same time quite awesome! Simon is always wrapped up in the airline magazine to notice much of what is going on. Or what I’m up to for that matter! lol!

As we start our descent you start to see some of the other islands in the Aegean Sea as part of the Greek archipelago, and we could start to see land approaching – we’re almost there!

When we landed, we collected our luggage and then a transfer was waiting to whisk us off from the airport to the hotel. As we arrived we were greeted by lobby staff who took our luggage to our room and we were seated in the lobby and handed a glass of bubbles each – very nice!

The hotel had a contemporary, modern and luxurious feel to it, yet it felt quite minimal in it’s styling. The hotel itself looked like it was coming right out of the side of the bare rock face, overlooking Elia beach below.

Our room was lovely! It was spacious and the bathroom was kitted out with a sink that was made from wood and looked like it came straight out of the stump of a tree! Bizarre but lovely though.

The room also had a balcony that had an amazing view out to the Aegean Sea and you could sit and watch the sun go down. We sat and finished our glasses of bubbles whilst watching the sun hide behind the body of the island. On the top of one of the buildings there were random penguins standing on top of it! We later found these random penguins dotted around the hotel, which we found both amusing and cute at the same time!

As the sun went down the lights would come on and all the pools and individual plunge pools that some of the suites had also had lights in them and would light up too. They looked light stars twinkling in the night and looked very pretty! 🙂

After Simon had a little rest, we ventured out of our room and went to explore the hotel and find the bar! We found more of those random penguins by the bar area and as we were having drinks fireworks started going off, so it was lovely to drink our cocktails whilst watching the fireworks 🙂

When we got back to our room we found that there had been a “turn down service” and house keeping had been in to leave slippers by the bed and a chocolate on the pillow, and the light in the headboard, which we had no idea was there, was lit up! Nice! 🙂


The next morning we went to breakfast and who was there to greet us: cats! 🙂 🙂 🙂 They were so small and cute and had adorable little meows! They were frequent visitors throughout our time there 🙂

After breakfast it was time to hit the pool and relax! There were more of those random penguins around the pool area 🙂

Now, I have a thing for Ray Ban Aviators. I love them! I just love them! They are the only pair of glasses that fit my face and that actually suit the size of my head! Add to that, they just look cool! So I love them! And you’ll notice that the colour of them would change daily! The first day I was rocking the red mirrored pair! 😉


And soon enough, the Prosecco was out! BOOM! Now the holiday had really started! Look at that view as well! Amazing view topped off with a crisp glass of Prosecco! Perfect! 🙂

And I was doing what I love doing the most when we’re on holiday: cooling off in the pool; and Simon was doing what he loves doing the most: sleeping! HEAVEN!

Then lunch was served, followed by more bubbles! Ahhh! 🙂

When the sun started going down we headed back to our room, where we had a little drink on the balcony, which was provided to us in our room when we first arrived, and watched the sun go down.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and the view was amazing! As was the food! We also had our furry little friends come and visit us at dinner too lol!

And the next few days were pretty much the same routine! Pure relaxation! 🙂

The staff at the hotel were amazing, especially the staff around the pool! Every day they would come and have a giggle with us and were so friendly and ready to help whenever we needed anything. They would come round with ice lollies and frozen towels that were scented with lavender or eucalyptus, which were amazing to cool down with from the immense sun! Very nice touch!

We managed to pry ourselves away from the pool and head down to Elia Beach below, where the hotel had a private stretch of the beach purely for the use of the guests of their hotel – amazing! And it had Wi-Fi down there -always a plus! lol! As the beach was below us and we were high up the side of the island, the hotel provided a shuttle bus that drove us down direct to the beach, and would then pick us up and bring us back up to the hotel. Otherwise it was a steep walk, which would have easily left you out of breath and taken longer than a few minutes to get back up the side of the cliff! lol!

We went to lunch further along the beach to the Elia Beach Bar and was visited by another furry friend! The placemat on the table had the most appropriate statement at the time – I agreed entirely!

That evening we decided to leave the confines of the hotel and took the free shuttle coach into the Mykonos Town to explore. It was small and compact, with very cute little side roads and winding alleyways that all interconnected, so you could roam from one alleyway to the next to the next, and very quickly lose your bearings! There were quaint little shops and lots of restaurants and bars. We stumbled across a bar called Veranda which did these amazing, big cocktails, and had a lovely view across out to sea. The sea was quite rough and choppy that night, and I remember some of the tables closest to the wall were being splashed by the sea! We luckily sat on the opposite side of the bar and saved from being drenched! There was a big sign with Aperol Spritz on it – Simon loves ones of those! lol! 🙂

We headed back to the bus stop and got on our free shuttle back to our hotel and off to bed.

The last couple of days we spent doing what we did most days and that was enjoying ourselves by the pool, with more bubbles and lots of sunshine! We were visited again by the sweetest little tabby furry friend whilst at breakfast and she was adorable!

We stayed by the pool as the sun went down and the view was amazing!

And just like that, our holiday was drawing to a close and it was nearly time to go home. The view from our balcony on the morning of the last day was stunning and we didn’t want to leave.


As we were leaving we bumped into one of the sweetest ladies who was working at the hotel, Matilda, who was fabulous and always a good laugh whenever we saw her! She, along with so many of her team, helped to make the holiday so enjoyable and memorable.

As we were waiting for the transfer to pick us up and take us to the airport, I couldn’t help myself and had to try out the hanging seat in the lobby and see if it was comfortable to sit in – and it was!

And it was time to leave and go home! 😦 We’d definitely be back though, especially to this hotel!

We caught our flight back to London and headed home and off to bed 🙂

K x

*please note – we are not endorsed, sponsored, paid for, or provided for free any services provided by British Airways. I have been a member of the British Airways Executive Club for over a decade and a loyal customer, and all costs for the holiday were paid for by me!*






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